Data Base of Alert Neutron Monitor

Alert Neutron Monitor was situated in CHALK RIVER, CANADA

Latitude: 82.50N
Longitude: -62.33W
Altitude: 57 m
Rigidity (1965): 0.0 GV
Standard atmoshperic pressure: 1000 mb
Barometric coefficient (1987): -0.71 %/mb
SF=100 (The mean count is around 760000/hour or 12500/min,)

Canada's Neutron Beam Laboratory
NRC Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (NRC-SIMS)
459 Chalk River
Chalk River, Ontario
Canada K0J 1J0
Tel: (613) 584-3311 ext. 6274
Database contents of Alert neutron monitor data worked from 1965 to 1988 (18NM64). The interval of accumulation: hourly from 1965; besides, 1-minute data from 1978. An interactive access is possible to this database and FTP as well.

Interactive access

Data in this regime are available in graphical and in digital presentation as well. All graphical plots are given relative to February 1987.

Access by FTP

One-minute data are in directory ftp_NM1, hourly data in directory ftp_NM. Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) data are in the GLE directory. One-type data are presented in their own Format: hourly data in format C, 1-minute data in W format, and GLE data in GLE format.

There are three types of 1-minute data: neutron monitor data corrected for atmospheric pressure (C), atmospheric pressure (P), and neutron monitor data uncorrected for atmospheric pressure (U). Hourly data are presented uncorrected (U) and corrected for atmospheric pressure (P). Pressure corrected hourly data are kept as original (O) and corrected (C).